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StoneCoat® is Changing the Game in Stone!

Renovation without Demolition™

I’m Dan the Stone Man and here's what StoneCoat® is all about.


We create beautiful stone facades in all kinds of patterns and colors for both exterior and interior surfaces. Within a matter of days, we can transform a structure.

We import a special hydraulic lime from Europe that will set under water. These quarries are unique to any other quarries in the world. It has to do with the amorphic vs crystalline components of the molecules.

This is a centuries old process and has been used extensively as a restoration and building material in Europe for ages.

STONECOAT® owns and manufactures the proprietary formula known as BLOWN STONE®.

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The origins of this amazing product have been known and used for thousands of years as limestone has been a main material used for buildings in the Old World. LIMESTONE was durable and lightweight and stood up against the natural elements. It was also easy to maintain. Then in 1824, English inventor, Joseph Aspdin invented Portland cement, which became the dominant material for construction. With the shutting down of quarries, limestone began to become more difficult to find and more expensive, and generally considered a specialty stone for construction.

The limestone look, however, continues to be present in all the old historical buildings in most of Europe and some cities in the United States. The difficulty in repairing existing structures and the costly and labor-intensive work to build with limestone makes it unattainable to many homeowners and businesses. Now, with STONECOAT’s Blown Stone® we can easily have the magnificent, luxurious look of natural limestone at a fraction of the cost with affordable ease!

Limestone is ‘blown’, then carved to a specific style, then pigments are used to create the final look.

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