The first house in the Las Vegas Valley to be covered in all Stonecoat® Limestone with NO Stucco whatsoever.

This 5000 sq ft beauty was built in MacDonald Highlands, the best luxury community in the Las Vegas valley.

Our patented and proprietary product combines several ingredients to create real stone when mixed with water. The result? Authentic stone that can be sprayed onto nearly any surface.

stone in bags

StoneCoat application is faster and cleaner than both traditional stone and brick, which drastically reduces construction time and cost. At only six pounds per square foot, StoneCoat may be applied vertically without a brick ledge, offering more versatility and less labor costs than construction using quarried stone or brick. Because it is lightweight, StoneCoat may be sprayed directly onto ll, as well as precast and other customized elements.

The opportunities are limitless with commercial and residential exteriors, barrel ceilings, arches, wine cellars, fireplaces, and dozens of other interior and exterior applications.

Advantages of Stonecoat® include:

  • Cost reducing and fast.
  • Breathable and mold resistant.
  • Stone adds value compared to Stucco.
  • It is blown on then carved and pigmented to whatever pattern you prefer.
  • Produced using 100% natural and green technology.